PT Sanko Material Indonesia  Tel: 021 8983 3003 or 021 5050 9911   SMS24Jam ke: 0817 011 3585 atau 0812 9364 755

Our Machines and Capacity: 
High Precisely PLC  Control Automatic Cutting Machines with specification:
Double Blade, double shaft and adjustable angle, effective Shaft width 1350mm, Cutting width: Minimum width 3mm & Maximum width 1300mm, 
Core Inner Diameter 76mm, 60mm, 32mm Cutting Maximum Out Diameter 250mm,Cutting accuracy 0.2mm, LCD Touch  Screen Control system.
Cutting Materials  and cutting capacity: 
Protection Tapes Semi Roll 1250mm x200m Cut in Finished Roll 250mmx200m : 
*****120,000rolls per month per machine
Electrical Tapes Semi Roll 1255mm x20m Cut in Finished Roll 25mmx20m :
*****200,000rolls per month per machine
Double Sided Paper Tapes Semi Roll 1020mmx20m Cut in Finished Roll 6mmx20m :
*****340,000rolls per month per machine
Rewinding  machines: 
Effective  Shaft width 1350mm Rewinding   width : Minimum width 500mm & Maximum width 1300mm
Core Inner Diameter 76mm, 60mm, Rewinding Roll Maximum Out Diameter 250mm
Jumbo roll Feeding by Hydraulic and Maximum Out  Diameter 1000mm, Tension Control and Digital Counter.
Rewinding Materials and Rewinding Capacity:
Double Sided Paper Tapes Jumbo Roll 1020mmx1000m rewind in Semi Roll 1020mmx 20m
*****18,000semi rolls per month per machine
Electrical Tape Non Adhesive Jumbo Roll 1080mmx1000m rewind in semi roll 1080mmx 20m 
*****18,000semi rolls per month per machine.
In Order to Control our Quality Adhesive Products, Our  Testing report are  ASTM D1000 (American Standard Testing Method)Testing for Adhesion To Steel, 
Tension, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Holding Power, Initial Tack, Thickness, Electrical Voltage Break Down. 
Our Registered Brands: 
ISO 9001: 2008
Sanko Indonesia has Certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system No. 41797/A/0001/UK/En and 
our Integrated System has cover for controlling Purchasing process until selling and Closing Transaction.    
Our Transaction system served by  2server and 20clients, they are Purchasing, Rewinding & Cutting, Sales, Accounting, Finance and Auditing system.  
We can control Account Receivable, Account Payable, Production and stock in real time, We can control Safety stock to avoid materials shortage or slow moving. 
The stock system is first in first  out (FIFO) perpetual and accrual basis, Lot Number / Batch Number Control.